#NABShow is On, Anamorphics from Cooke partnership, Aaton’s Peneople, FSI Monitors, iOS tool for Phantom Cameras.

Life is heating up in the desert, the news is flowing on every front possible.

The First Day of the DP Conference had packed rooms for my presentations on 4K and HFR workflows, my thanks to DP Mark Weingartner and Geoff Boyle B.S.C. as well as Blair Paulsen for their last minute additions and help and to Marco Solorio for his Demo and Talk on the #BMCC

Cooke and Angénieux have a new partnership that is bringing the best in Prime Cine Lenses to the best in Cine Zooms, to create a new line of Anamorphic lenses, I have not seen them yet, but after talking to Les Zellan, I cannot wait to see them.http://www.cookeoptics.com/cooke.nsf/news/news.html

Flanders Scientific announced 5 New monitors include a massive 32″ Reference Monitor for Post Production, OnBoards and new OLED designs for Post and Production http://www.flandersscientific.com/index/

My Friends at Vision Research have released an iOS tool for the Phantom Camera, that covers Frame rates, data estimates and other cool tools http://www.visionresearch.com/blog/vision-launches-new-phantom-tools-app/

Mitch Gross from AbelCine shows off the new Aaton Penelope camera,that I got a peak at a couple of years ago. So this is the first of the new camera announcements. http://blog.abelcine.com/2013/04/04/penelope-delta-brings-aaton-design-to-digital-cinema/