The UltraStudio 4K Mini Review on PVC Made me Rethink my Thunderbolt 3 Cable issues.

Corning TB3 Cable

Corning Optical TB3 cables have saved me more than once since I started using them


I have not been posting as much as I should for the last few months, so I thought I would start engaging more often on the secondary aspects of social media.

I spent some time recently with BlackMagicDesign’s UltraStudio 4K Mini, and wrote about it for people to know.

Blackmagic Design’s UltraStudio 4K Mini I/O is Built for the Demands of Production and Post

What I did not add in the article on PVC was how much I was frustrated with the cable issue. If it had not been for the Corning Optical Thunderbolt 3 Cables I had in house, I would have been tearing my hair out with multiple issues. I keep a box of new Thunderbolt cables in my office, I buy them by the dozens, nearly a gross of them (144 cables) in the last 3 years of testing Thunderbolt 3 devices.  My BMD test issues made me go back and physically check all my cables.

Of the 20 cables I tested, 10 of them showed some type of error. 5 of them were incorrectly labeled on the packaging as 40Gbps active TB3 cables when the code on the cables indicated were actually 20Gbps passive cables. 4 more showed issues with the fragile electrical wires that are the main point of failure in my experience.   I am still seeking answers on why the Windows systems did not flag the errors my MacBook Pro did. It could be one of a number of things, none of which I have confirmed as I write this.

More to come.