NAB 2014 Kicks off with Thunderbolt2 announcements

After 2 days of leading the Director of Photography Conference, part of the 10th Anniversary of the Post Production World Events, it is time to start talking about all the things I have not bean able to mention.

There already have been camera announcements from Aja, Codex and others, I expect to see at Blackmagic Design and one other company early this morning. Yet for me its some of the Thunderbolt News that really has me excited.

Interested in seeing what BMD will show from the Cintel acquisition? Will there really be a Thunderbolt enabled Film Scanner announced at the show.

HP & Intel are going to show peer to peer, Mac to PC networking over a direct Thunderbolt connection, using 10gE protocols, proving that Intel’s Thunderbolt technology offers far more to Media and Entertainment sector than people are imaging.

LaCie shipped the Little Big Disk2 offering greater than a Gigabyte per second, and Rack mount unit designed for 4K post workflows.

While G-Tech should be showing larger volume Desktop Raids as well as updated SSD and raided versions of their G-DriveEV for the GDock-EV my personal go to drive solution for handling data OnSet.

Promise shows smaller second gen version of their SanLink Product, and a smaller SSD based array.

Just a start- need to hit the show floor to start seeing what I can talk about.