Join me Thursday for “Adobe Creative Cloud & HP Combine for the Ultimate Pro Environment”

This Thursday at 11:30am PDT,  I will once again be hosting a Moviola Webinar,  “Adobe Creative Cloud & HP Combine for the Ultimate Pro Environment”  in conjunction with MelroseMac.

As a long time Mac user, many of you don’t realize that I have also simultaneously been a PC user for most of my career in Production and Post, originally it was out of necessity, but with the advent of better hardware and specific updates starting with Windows 7, I have been working more and more with the “darkside” as many Mac users see it.  I do not.

A Love / Hate Relationship grew into Friendship 

PC’s have been a part of my production life since the 1990’s when I got my first introduction to Vision Research’s Phantom line of cameras on a project. To control and setup the cameras I had to go and learn the Windows software,  an update from the command line-ish version of MS-DOS most used at that time.  Vision Research still requires the use of Window’s OS to control and maintain their camera systems.

Fast Forward to 2008, Apple’s desktop world was waining, with only incremental changes to the frame and architecture of the Aluminum “cheese grater” I started seeking out PC’s for specific client tasks. One of those tasks was to build a onset data handling station that would also allow for real-time backup of camera original materials to LTO tape in the dawn of the digital age.  My cart started as a hybrid Mac and I used the Window XP system solely for the backup. 

Slowly I started using the PC’s more and more for my needs when it came to customized solutions for onset production. To this day I have carried one of my Mac Laptops that is set for Dual Boot when needed. 

I use PC’s regularly, I use them when I need the power and interchangeability that I cannot get in the current Apple Hardware and not in the future.

I am one of those people that need machines to do what I want them to do, not rely on others to decide. I need my machines to work for me, not just roll around on my cart as I move from location to location. 


My desktop connections should not look like my laptop does



Hardware is hardware

To a person like me, I see no issues working on either platform, yet there is a reason why many of the higher end productions work on the PC platform. From CAD to Color Correction many of the tools I work with are only available on other platforms while the Adobe app’s I use the most right now run the same or better on my HP/ Nvidia workstations, the ones with an 8T -LSI solid state disc array,  2- Nvidia K5000 cards, a Kona 3G card, an Atto Fiber card and Atto10gE card and there is room left over inside for more if I need it.

No cables to get tangled, no clutter of accessories.